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OFA and UK Government appoint LSE to undertake research into use of Open Source.

The Cabinet Office and London School of Economics (LSE) have published research into the Total Cost of Ownership of Open Source Software. The report has been jointly financed by the Cabinet Office and OpenForum Academy, together with some of its supporters, including Alfresco, Deloitte, IBM and Red Hat. 

This independent report has been prepared by Maha Shaikh, Assistant Professor, Warwick University Business School and Tony Cornfold. Senior Lecturer, Department of Management, London School of Economics and Political Science.

It is intended to provide a mature and balanced assessment of the potential for open source software within the public sector based on evidence collected during a 2 year study from those who have taken this path and from members of the community of firms offering support services to such public bodies.

The audience addressed includes politicians and senior decision makers across central and local government, senior IT managers and the supplier communities.