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...Prospective analysis of net neutrality policy scenarios

Released 13th November 2013

OFA in conjunction with Google Policy Fellowship Research - Ana Olmos - 13/11/2013 - In the context of the net neutrality debate, there have been strong claims that there is a need to safeguard the open character of the internet, preserving free,  non-discriminatory user access to the content, applications or services available online. This debate blends with the discussion on open internet and the need to  keep the internet platform open to innovation, as a guarantee for the economic, social and technological development it offers.

Through various discussions, including public consultations on both sides of the Atlantic, some consensus has been reached on certain aspects of the debate: the need to preserve the open character of the internet, the central role of the user, the defence of competition, promotion of investment and innovation, the need for  transparency and the need for “reasonable traffic management” techniques. However, these agreed upon principles leave open many questions (for example, what  is “reasonable traffic management”) and there is strong division concerning the application of policy and regulation.

Full Text of the Research Analysis