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...Net Neutrality in the EU - Country Factsheets

Net NeutralityPolicy makers, private companies, civil society and academia have been researching, fact-checking and pondering on the principle of net neutrality and what it means for the market, the users and the competitiveness and growth in Europe. At a time in which the European Commission is trying to address this issue at the EU level, it is interesting to look at the how each Member State has dealt with net neutrality issues.

Net neutrality is the principle that all traffic going through a network should be treated equally, independently of content, application, service, device, source or target. Different players hold different perspectives as to what an impact this has for innovation, for the evolution of the market and for users’ interest. The debate has been very active in some countries and practically non-existent in others.

OpenForum Academy (OFA) has conducted a research to provide some facts as to how the debate has evolved in each Member State and whether or not it has led to any measures at the national level.   Net Neutrality in the EU - Country Factsheets - pdf