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How Secure is the Cloud?

The OpenForum Academy organized two Breakfast Round Tables on “Putting the 'Open' into Open Innovation” for Cloud computing on the 15th and 23rd of May.

The debates come as the European Commission is putting the final touches to its long-awaited cloud computing strategy for Europe. The EU recognises that it needs to become not only cloud-friendly, but cloud-active, if it is to take full advantage of the benefits cloud computing offers. This is especially true for Europe's public sector. We believe this is the right moment to debate the merits of a pro-competitive cloud computing environment that is both global and open.

This report summarizes the discussion that took place during the first round table, titled ‘How Secure is the cloud?’. Our three invited speakers discussed the main security issues and challenges with respect to Cloud Computing. The speakers elaborated on the evolution of the security issues, the underlying trends that are now surfacing and how to approach cyber-security. In the discussion that followed, a number of topics were touched, from the new era of Bring-your-own-device and the resulting challenges, to cost-effective assurance and the way to promote it, to the EU perspective and the need for industry collaboration.

The cloud is an economic opportunity but in order to be able to exploit it, Europe should take a light touch approach, avoid “local emphasis”, help bring more transparency and harmonize its legislation to facilitate cloud uptake.

“In this world there is no such thing 100% security, the best we can do is try to be close to 100%”