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OFA Report: The Cloud Computing Workshop

This report is prepared by the rapporteur, Dr. E. Altsitsiadis, for Open Forum Academy (OFA) in support of the Cloud Computing Workshop. The summaries of the speaker presentations and panel discussions in this report are based on the rapporteur’s notes.

The workshop brought together high-level experts to discuss three broad aspects of cloud computing; the economic impact, the legal aspects and the way to move forward. The economic opportunity is irrefutable - If you live in a multi-device world, you simply need the cloud. The cloud will have a significant impact on our entire economy; from the micro level and the numerous benefits it brings to supply and demand alike, to the positive macro-effects in new job creation and GDP contribution. There are serious obstacles though in claiming these benefits, from practical operational limitations to misconceptions, distrust and a legal framework that is largely fragmented and complicated. The speakers broadened our understanding of these weak points, downplaying some issues that are overly considered important, while pointing out others that are crucial, yet evade our attention. The workshop illustrated that there are a lot of misconceptions but also a lot of common ground and it is becoming apparent that the way forward passes through better communication and collaboration, whether at the level of EU-US governments, Industry-Policymakers or Providers-Users.

“The cloud will happen; the question is whether it will happen to us, with us, or by us“   Read more: [PDF]

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