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.. OpenForum Academy releases 'Thoughts on Open Innovation'

Thoughts on Open InnovationThe Fellows of the OpenForum Academy have published a book containing the latest thinking around Open Innovation in technology, information and standards entitled “Thoughts on Open Innovation.” Contributors include Andy Updegrove, Shane Coughlan, Peter Murray-Rust and his colleagues at the Open Knowledge Foundation, Coleman McCormick, Jochen Friedrich, Karsten Gerloff, Amanda Brock, Simon Phipps and Peter Langley.

The key questions this book aims to answer are: Is openness an end in itself? Does an open approach suit all purposes? And broadest still, how can people collaborate to solve some of the largest problems that we all face? 

This book was launched at the Digital Agenda Summit in Dublin on the 20th June 2013. You can learn more about it and download a free copy from our dedicated page.