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Paul Adams

Paul AdamsTrained as a software engineer and specialising in process management, Dr. Paul J. Adams has worked in both academia and industry as a researcher and project manager, covering a variety of Free Software-related topics. In 2009 he worked for Zea Partners conducting research on behalf of the commercial community involved in Zope and Plone development and services. Prior to this he worked as a research and project manager for Sirius Corporation in the UK. Paul graduated in 2004 as a Software Engineer, from the University of Durham, UK. His subsequent doctorate was conducted between 2005 and 2009 from the University of Lincoln. Paul was awarded Chartered IT Professional status, in 2008 and is a full professional member of the British Computer Society (for whom he is co-founder and former chairman of the Open Source Specialist Group), IEEE as well as of KDE e.V. and the Fellowship of the FSFE.

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