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Mirko Boehm

Mirko BoehmMirko Boehm is the CEO of Endocode, where he specialises in consulting to and mentoring small to large businesses on complex software development endeavours, the use of open source products and methods in organizations, and software-related issues of business strategy and intellectual property. 

The Open Invention Network protects the open source ecosystem by acquiring patents and licensing them royalty-free to entities. Mirko Boehm is responsible for the Linux System Definition, which defines the technical scope of the patent non-aggression agreements. 

He has been a KDE contributor since 1997, including several years on the KDE e.V. board. He is doing research on Open Source at the Technical University of Berlin, is a member of the FSFE Germany team, and a Qt-certified specialist and trainer. He lives with his wife and two kids in Berlin.

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