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Dr. Mathieu Paapst

Mathieu PaapstDr. Mathieu Paapst LLM works as a lecturer and researcher at the department of legal theory, section Law and IT of the University of Groningen. He is interested in the legal, ethical and sociological aspects of the information society. He graduated with a Master’s degree on Law and ICT and he received his PhD on a multidisciplinary research project (Law, Public Administration, Innovation and Technology Management) regarding open source and open standards policy resistance in IT procurement.  He has been project coordinator and/or researcher for several Dutch research projects (e.g. on standardization policy compliance for the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs, on semantic interoperability standards for the ministry of Justice, and on e-Casemanagement, an international research for the judicial organizations).  He is chief editor of the Ars Aequi Law book on Dutch Internetlaw, and editor of the academic journal "Tijdschrift voor Internetrecht". He is a board member of the Internet Society (ISOC-nl), and a member of the Dutch governments Commission of procurement experts.

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