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Alea Fairchild

Alea FairchildDr. Alea Fairchild is a Vice President & Principal Analyst for Technology Infrastructure Strategy, Legacy Optimization, and EMEA policy for Constellation Research. She is also a Professor in the research group Quantitative Business Processes at the Hogeschool-Universitair Brussel, where she teaches business research methods. She was previously been a Senior Researcher at Tilburg University in The Netherlands in the Department of Information Management. Her academic training is in the area of information economics.

Dr. Alea Fairchild is passionate about commercial marketing and innovation, and as an entrepreneur, has started several companies of her own. She loves working with start-ups and actively supports VCs in due diligence work. She also assists governmental institutions on technology policy issues.

Her special area of interest is the development and use of intelligence and technology in product planning and business strategy. Her technical expertise lies in open architectures and interoperability. She excels in CxO level interactions on technology trends and future forecasts.

Dr. Fairchild has more than sixteen years experience in global IT market analysis, and has worked for many of the major market research agencies as both an analyst and as a consultant. She has also performed as a consultant for the European Commission, as well as major multinational IT companies throughout Europe.

She is the author of five books. Her book, "Technological Aspects of Virtual Organizations", is available from Kluwer Academic Publishers . Her latest book was released by die Keure in March 2008 focusing on her work with start-up organizations: "Entrepreneurship: Introduction to Business Plans".

Dr. Fairchild received her Ph.D in Applied Economics from Limburgs Universitair Centrum (now Univ. Hasselt) in Belgium, in the area of banking and technology. She has a Masters degree in International Management from Boston University/Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels, Belgium, and a Bachelors degree in Business Management and Marketing from Cornell University, Ithaca, New York.

Dr. Fairchild has been published in several journals, including International Journal of Knowledge and Learning, Information Technology and Management, Supply Chain Management, and Information Technology and Management. She is an active referee for the European Conference on Information Systems and the European Conference on e-Government. She also has been a journal reviewer for Electronic Markets, Information and Management and International Journal of Cases on Electronic Commerce.

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