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Amanda Brock

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Amanda Brock

Amanda Brock advises a diverse group of companies on commercial and technology law issues from her London base. Having been General Counsel, Canonical – lead commercial sponsor of the open source operating system Ubuntu, for 5 years, where she managed the worldwide legal function she has particular expertise in open source software, cloud computing, big data and device manufacture and distribution. 

With over 15 years experience of commercial and IT law, gained working as an in house lawyer, including roles as European Manager at DSG International where she was the first lawyer at the ISP, Freeserve (UK’s first and biggest .com IPO), UK Legal Director, Aramark and General Counsel Nicole Farhi & French Connection, she has diverse experience which lends to her very commercial approach to legal advice. 

Amanda is as a solicitor , admitted in England and Scotland and has a Masters in IP and IT law from Queen Mary and a Masters in Comparative Jurisprudence from NYU.  Amanda is a member of the Advisory Board of the QM, University of London Open Source Centre of Excellence and has spoken internationally and written extensively on Tech and commercial law. She is one of the founders of the QM Legal Incubator currently being set up to provide legal advice to the UK start up market place.   Her clients range from start ups to Mozilla.

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