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Code of conduct

Where OpenForum Academy has provided a Forum, Wiki or Blog for the use of ‘Registered’ users on this site, these services allow viewing by non-registered users. You are welcome to use these services to discuss any aspects of Open Source Software.

This is a professional website and we expect Registered Users to behave accordingly. The Moderator will use best judgment in assessing the intention and goodwill of people who post on this site. Any users displaying conduct which is considered to be unprofessional will be advised and in extreme cases their registration status revoked.

In addition, we would ask you to conform to the following guidelines:
· All posts are on-topic
· English is the preferred language
· The site and its content is subject to UK law
· Restrict a question to a single topic
· Constructive criticism is welcome
· No form of advertising is permitted
· Ensure that links to other websites are relevant and add to the discussion

OpenForum Academy  reserves the right to change this Code of Conduct at any time.

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