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Bob Blatchford - Non Executive Officer


BobBob has spent over thirty years in the IT Industry, 23 of them within the insurance sector. Whilst with Lloyd’s of London he worked with emerging technologies, cross discipline projects and commercialisation of internal IT services.

Bob has held a number of senior management roles during his career, with responsibility for IT, telecommunications, business development, strategic planning, electronic trading, commercial activities and the development and introduction of Internet based services for markets. He has managed the delivery of a number of successful major projects for the London insurance market.

Bob also has had a long-term involvement and strong interest in the introduction of e-commerce and e-trading initiatives in the London Insurance Market. He was a founding member of both LIMNET (London Insurance Market Network) and LNSG (Lloyd’s Network Steering Group) and has been active on a number of national and international committees encouraging and enabling the development of business to business e-commerce and standards.

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