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Openforum Academy is a think tank with a broad aim to examine the paradigm shift towards openness in computing that is currently underway, and to explore how this trend is changing the role of computing in society.


OpenForum Academy is an independent programme established by OpenForum Europe. It has created a link with academia in order to provide new input and insight into the key issues which impact the openness of the IT market. Central to the operation of OpenForum Academy are the Fellows, each selected as individual contributors to the work of OFA. A number of academic organisations have agreed to work with OFA, working both with the Fellows and within a network of contributors in support of developing research initiatives.

Supporting the Fellows and Academic organisations is a small Secretariate, led by Mael Brunet, Policy Director. The Board of OFE Ltd are responsible for legal and fiscal affairs. A Research Council drives the operation of OFA, formed from Fellows, Academic Partners and the Secretariate.

How to Become a Fellow

Fellows are nominated by the Fellows themselves, and will normally have already exhibited evidence of individual contribution to innovative thinking in the field of IT.

How to Contribute to OFA

New thinking is welcome, and contributions can be submitted for publication on the OFA website and network. Articles should be focussed on the general area of openness within IT. Submissions will be assessed by the Fellows and their decision is final.

OFA Sponsorship

Commercial companies and organisations have the opportunity to be directly associated with the Academy by becoming a Sponsor of the Academy either via support for individual research projects, or core support for the Academy. Preference will be for multiple partners to fund research. However provided the research falls within the remit one industrial partner may fund a research project. Sponsors will be acknowledged in all published material.

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OpenForum Europe

OpenForum Academy is the sister organisation to OpenForum Europe, whose mission is “open, competitive choice to the IT user


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